Inspired: Shabby Chic Union Jack Biscuits

Well it's over six months since we all made New Year's resolutions. How are you getting on with yours? Yeah same as me! My Danish hasn't really improved, although I have now watched every episode of Borgen which has to count, right? As for the knitting, hasn't really made it out of the bag since January but I have been reading a lot of crafting blogs and thinking about starting to  knit, which has to count, right?! Well they both count in my eyes! Especially when these crafting blogs give you loads of inspiration for biscuits! Result!

I normally get my inspiration from TV (you may have noticed!) and from all the a-mazing cookie and cake blogs I follow, not to mention the odd greetings cards and gift bag. However, since my knitting-block kicked in and the hours spent reading Very Berry Handmade, Knit Me A Cake and Bugs & Fishes among many others I have a million and one ideas in my head!!

And the first is shabby chic! I've always been a fan of this look, and it's just everywhere in the UK in the summer!

So this is my version:

The beauty of this is you can use any colours you like! And here's how I did it:

1. Mark the sections with a food safe pen (if your green runs out half way through, use a red one!) It doesn't have to be perfect:

 2. Fill in section by section, the first one I did was the blue with wet-on-wet white dots:

3. Pink cross:

4. While still wet (be quick!) using Sugarbelle's technique, add some flowers in a slightly darker shade and add the pink lines in between the blue sections:

5. WAIT! I cannot stress this enough! Wait for the above to dry completely (12 hours +) and then add the white. Otherwise you could end up with bleeding colours into the white. It's not exactly smooth and my white icing could've been a little thinner but its the 'quilty' fabric look I was going for here...honest! ;)

So where do you get your crafty inspiration from? Not just sweet treats, do you make cards, draw, knit? Let me know below, especially if you knit! I need help!!!!

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It's a group board so drop me a line if you'd like to be added!

Mini American Pies!

If you knew me outside of the blogging world, you would know that I love America! I will literally bore you to death on any related subject, but in particular: New York City (my favourite place in the whole world), Texas (my next visit when I've saved the pennies), the weather, the accents, driving, pick up trucks, food, front porches! Once I start you can't shut me up, honestly people have tried!

So I always do something to celebrate the 4th of July (to pretty much pretend I'm back there) and this year I thought I'd try American Pie, but obviously this is Sweet Petite so I give pies!!

I couldn't decide whether to try blueberry or cherry, then it hit me, make both and you'll have Red, White (ish!) and Blue! Pretty cool if I do say so myself!!

I used this recipe from Channel 4 for the cherry pies and for the blueberry pie I used this recipe from the Hungry Mouse. Instead of the full pie I used a cupcake tin and cut fluted circles out, added the filling and then topped the blueberries with stars and cherries with stripes.

OK, so the blue isn't really that blue when they're cooked, and the stripes kind of look like cheese straws but you get the idea!! What do you think? Do any other non-Americans celebrate the 4th of July or is it just me?

My lack of posts recently is due to the fact that I've had quite a few customer orders in recent weeks (yay!) but I have sooooo many ideas that I want to show you all which means that I'll be back very soon, so stay tuned :)

Happy 4th of July if you're celebrating, if you're not.......... Happy FRIDAY!!!

Recent Orders: Nurse/Hospital & Twin Baby Shower Biscuits

Custom biscuits to say thank you to a nursing team, the scrubs are my favourite! (apologies for the terrible phone pic!):

And baby shower favours for a lovely lady expecting twins!

The last one, isn't exactly a customer order, more a donation to my friend's fundraiser as a raffle prize:

Full of busy! I have a Jungle themed cake (Yes cake! Tiered cake!) with some matching biscuits as favours coming soon too! Yikes!

Father's Day Gift Boxes (And A Giveaway!)

Struggling what to get Dad for Father's Day?

Check out the iced biscuit gift boxes over in the Etsy shop and order now! Featuring a spiffy shirt and tie biscuit, a pint of beer and 'Dad', they'll make the perfect gift!

Order before the 8th of June to receive them in time for the big day which is Sunday the 15th of June

Fancy winning a box? I'm giving away one right here!

All you have to do to enter is fill in the entry below and like Sweet Petite on Facebook! You can also follow on twitter and tweet about the giveaway for more entries! Easy peasy!

Good luck!

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Eurovision Biscuits: Is the UK going to win?! Er, probably not!

Are we all ready for the Eurovision Song Contest?!

Wacky costumes, cheesy lyrics, time delays from EVERY country and, ahem, tactical voting (surely not?!) it should be a hoot!! It's always good for a laugh anyway ;)

And this year it's in lovely Copenhagen, so I had to make Danish flags and I thought it would be a great excuse to use my airbrush again! Really just getting to grips with it at the minute, but loving it!

I did make a Union Jack and some other European flags with the airbrush but I really was not happy with them so there are no pictures! Its far too embarrassing!! The Danish one was the best of the bunch but I still have a few niggles with it. But hey, practice makes perfect right?!

Anyway, I made a stencil for the Dannebrog (How good is my Danish?!!!) out of card. I simply cut out a heart and a couple of strips for the cross, I taped them so the strips lay as flat as possible....

and sprayed!

Et voila! I'm also practicing my French for Saturday can you tell? However the only phrase I think I'll need to remember is "royaume-uni nil points!" I'm not too hopeful for the UK entry, tactical voting aside, I'm not keen on the song, but you never know!

It certainly isn't a classic like this one..

Waterloo!! The best Eurovision song ever!! Just epic! Wacky costumes and just the right amount of cheese, makes it the perfect eurovision song!! And it's celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!!

So I just had to make these:

And here are their close ups! Anni-Frid:




I outlined them all in black piping icing first and then filled in the coloured parts. On reflection, I would have done all the colour first and then added the black, another lesson learned!

Well I hope you enjoy the contest tomorrow if you're watching and all the best Molly Smitten-Downes flying the flag for the UK......I reckon you're gonna need it !

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Hannibal Biscuits for an Avid Fan!!!!

OK I may have mentioned my love for all things Hannibal Lecter once or twice but I'm going to mention it again!!

I adore the books and the films (although Hannibal Rising not so much!) and last year when I heard the series was coming out I was excited but a little apprehensive; Anthony Hopkins is Dr. Lecter, and no one else! Right?! Oh my god how wrong was I? Mads Mikkelsen is an epic Dr. Lecter, as are the rest of the cast. I'm still not convinced with Alan Bloom becoming Alana but hey, 21st century right?! The series is wonderfully gory, gripping and the dark humour (Rolodex of the rude poeple to add to his freezer!). I also get giddy with excitement whenever I hear a book reference too!! Sad? Yes!

So the second series is upon us then (half finished in the US mind but don't get me started!) and I'll be staying up passed my bedtime for the next 13 weeks, being grossed out and swooning just a little (a lot!) over the aforementioned, Mr Mikkelsen. Who, by the way, I have to thank for my new found love of all things Danish!!

So what better way to welcome it back? Any other normal person would just tune in, but I'm not exactly normal and since every TV show/picture/fabric/greeting card I see is earmarked to be turned into a biscuit sooner or they are!!

I had probably too much fun making these! Especially the blood spatter ones. Using dried, flooded white biscuits and some thinned red icing I loaded up my paint brush (more than you would normally) and held it down, really quite close to the side of the biscuit, not over it. And just fanned the bristles of the brush so it splashed over the biscuit. And pretty much everywhere else in the kitchen! My table chairs, walls, dishwasher, washer... you get the idea! Be careful if you try it!!

You could also try Annie's Eats version which is probably a little less messier, but I liked the high velocity impact look of mine ;) I'm a forensic science graduate not a weirdo honestly!! Doing this, I was having flashbacks to a lovely night spent trying to figure out the origin and force of impact for an assignment, oh happy days!! Anyway, you end up with this:

And here are the rest close up. All done with the help of my Kopyake Projector. Well it wouldn't be Hannibal (the series!) without some antlers knocking about! I preferred the ones with the H:

And of course the motto of the show! (Inspired by a Woodian design over on Red Bubble You can have this on a T-Shirt! I want one!!)

And if you don't watch, this next one probably won't make any sense. But it's Will's drawing of a clock. Bless him he's not very well ;)

Please note no human was hurt in the making of these biscuits ;)

So are you a fellow Fannibal? Will you be watching? Sky Living 10pm Tuesday the 6th May!! Tune in, but have your midnight snacks early, you might not have much of an appetite by the end!! Bring on the gore!!

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Recent Orders: Lab/Science & Alice in Wonderland Biscuits

Custom biscuits made for an IVF clinic as a thank you. Thanks to Oh Sugar! Events for the design. My customer loved the colours so I kept them the same but instead of atoms we went for eggs!!

Next were some simple biscuits for an Alice in Wonderland themed party. There were some clocks too but they were busy drying! Doh!

For the toadstools, I used my trusty egg cutter and trimmed the sides with the corner of the plaque cutter EVERY iced biscuit maker should own from Karen's Cookies

Easter Chick Royal Icing Transfers (Tutorial)

Following on from my Easter biscuits last week I'm definitely keeping the lovely spring theme going with my Easter banner!

I've wanted to create some biscuits using transfers for a while now (and FINALLY use my new airbrush!!) so thought this was the perfect time. Transfers are royal icing accents which are piped separately to your biscuit, usually onto baking parchment and added later when you, ahem, transfer them to your biscuit ;)

The cute chicks you can see are very much inspired by The Bearfoot Baker! I'm sure you will have been over there before now, but if not check out the blog here!!! As well as being an airbrush guru, Lisa makes the most amazing transfers (and shows you how with great tutorials too!) and she has totally inspired me to try making my own designs, so here goes!

Chick Transfers

For these you'll need:
  • Yellow 20 second Royal Icing
  • Orange 20 second Royal Icing
  • Black Food Pen or Black Icing
  • Scribe Tool
  • Reusable Baking Liner or Parchment Paper
1. Pipe out an egg shape (or whatever shape you like) in yellow icing onto baking liner
2. Pipe a small orange line roughly where the beak will go
3. Using the scribe tool make a line through the orange icing to make a beak shape
4. Pipe feet at the bottom in orange
5. Create the webbed feet using the scribe, moving from orange to yellow and cleaning the scribe between
    each sweep.
6. Mix it up! not every chick was created equal, give him some arms, sorry feathers...
7. ....Or give him a cool hair do!
8. Experiment with different sizes, shapes, beaks and feet!

Leave to dry for 24-48 hours and once dry add the eyes with a black food marker or some black icing and they're ready to rock! Add them to your easter/spring inspired biscuits, cakes or cupcakes, they will look fab anywhere!! I added mine to my Easter banner along with some other seasonal accents. OK, so I really need more practice with the airbrushing (cue jumping across to read more of Lisa's posts!) but they haven't turned out too bad for my first attempt!

Give them a go! They can be fiddly but transfers really give dimension to your biscuits, they can be made ahead of time and attached (with a dot of royal icing) when they're needed. Most importantly, you can make a ton of mistakes but you still get to pick the best ones to use! I know I did for this ;)

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