Easter Biscuits and my first YouTube tutorial!

I think spring has finally sprung here and about time too! I'm ready for some sunshine and Easter eggs!!!

So looking for Easter inspiration I was scrolling around Pinterest, as you do, well I do, I'm a little bit obsessed, and I spotted this crafty photo:

and I instantly thought this needed to be a biscuit! When I clicked through I found an amazing website called Crafty Morning, it's full of kids crafts, recipes and DIY tutorials and it's one of my new faves (and I don't even have kids!), go check it out if you haven't already!

So with permission from the lovely Michelle at Crafty morning I bring you my very first YouTube tutorial!

My god I was soooo nervous making this! I know that sounds crazy, piping biscuits. In my own kitchen. On my own. But I was terrified!! And I still haven't quite figured which angle is best to work at, and this one was piped sideways so it's not as perfect as I'd hoped for (ahem bunny ears!) but I'm still chuffed with it! Hopefully it's the first of many :)

And here's some I made earlier! How Blue Peter is all this?!!

So, what do you think? Let me know and if you have any YouTube tips I'd love to hear them too :D

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Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge

Happy New Year folks!!

OK, I know that it's a bit late for that, but the start of the year has been a total blur for me, and I'm only now getting back in the swing of things.

So I thought I'd kick off the year by participating in a challenge!

Over on Cookie Connection there is a bi-monthly challenge called Practice Bakes Perfect and this time round the subject was architecture and I immediately thought of my home town. I live just outside Newcastle upon Tyne in England and its well known for some amazing architecture the Tyne Bridge, The Angel of the North and the Sage to name a few, but I decided to leave these for another blog post ;) The challenge is accompanied with a pinterest inspiration board and there was some amazing doors on it which made me think it could really only be one! The Vampire Rabbit door! No honestly, the Vampire Rabbit door! It's one of the oddities in the city that sits behind St. Nicholas' Cathedral. It's an oddity as no one really knows why there is a blood sucking creature on the top. Besides him though, the door is stunning!

So what do you think of the edible version? Apart from the swirls under the round window I'm fairly happy with it saying as though I'm a little out of practise! And the fact that my rabbit doesn't look sinister at all, but really cute, makes me giggle ;) You can check out all the other entries here!

Gunpowder, Treason & Plot!

Remember, remember the 5th of November! Gunpowder, Treason & Plot!

Enjoy the fireworks tonight everyone! And, at the risk of sounding like my mother, stay safe!!

(Not quite!) Everyday Monster Cookies

Hello there!

Georganne at Lilaloa challenged all cookiers to make monsters out of ordinary everyday cookie cutters so I had to try. However I confess, when she asked everyone to pull out a random cutter I cheated a bit! I did pull out the snowman randomly but I'd been stumped with what to do with the "2000" cutter I was given a while back....Aha! Monster!!!

What do you think?! Why don't you give it a go?  You can link up your creations here!

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Inspired: Shabby Chic Union Jack Biscuits

Well it's over six months since we all made New Year's resolutions. How are you getting on with yours? Yeah same as me! My Danish hasn't really improved, although I have now watched every episode of Borgen which has to count, right? As for the knitting, well......it hasn't really made it out of the bag since January but I have been reading a lot of crafting blogs and thinking about starting to  knit, which has to count, right?! Well they both count in my eyes! Especially when these crafting blogs give you loads of inspiration for biscuits! Result!

I normally get my inspiration from TV (you may have noticed!) and from all the a-mazing cookie and cake blogs I follow, not to mention the odd greetings cards and gift bag. However, since my knitting-block kicked in and the hours spent reading Very Berry Handmade, Knit Me A Cake and Bugs & Fishes among many others I have a million and one ideas in my head!!

And the first is shabby chic! I've always been a fan of this look, and it's just everywhere in the UK in the summer!

So this is my version:

The beauty of this is you can use any colours you like! And here's how I did it:

1. Mark the sections with a food safe pen (if your green runs out half way through, use a red one!) It doesn't have to be perfect:

 2. Fill in section by section, the first one I did was the blue with wet-on-wet white dots:

3. Pink cross:

4. While still wet (be quick!) using Sugarbelle's technique, add some flowers in a slightly darker shade and add the pink lines in between the blue sections:

5. WAIT! I cannot stress this enough! Wait for the above to dry completely (12 hours +) and then add the white. Otherwise you could end up with bleeding colours into the white. It's not exactly smooth and my white icing could've been a little thinner but its the 'quilty' fabric look I was going for here...honest! ;)

So where do you get your crafty inspiration from? Not just sweet treats, do you make cards, draw, knit? Let me know below, especially if you knit! I need help!!!!

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Mini American Pies!

If you knew me outside of the blogging world, you would know that I love America! I will literally bore you to death on any related subject, but in particular: New York City (my favourite place in the whole world), Texas (my next visit when I've saved the pennies), the weather, the accents, driving, pick up trucks, food, front porches! Once I start you can't shut me up, honestly people have tried!

So I always do something to celebrate the 4th of July (to pretty much pretend I'm back there) and this year I thought I'd try American Pie, but obviously this is Sweet Petite so I give you....mini pies!!

I couldn't decide whether to try blueberry or cherry, then it hit me, make both and you'll have Red, White (ish!) and Blue! Pretty cool if I do say so myself!!

I used this recipe from Channel 4 for the cherry pies and for the blueberry pie I used this recipe from the Hungry Mouse. Instead of the full pie I used a cupcake tin and cut fluted circles out, added the filling and then topped the blueberries with stars and cherries with stripes.

OK, so the blue isn't really that blue when they're cooked, and the stripes kind of look like cheese straws but you get the idea!! What do you think? Do any other non-Americans celebrate the 4th of July or is it just me?

My lack of posts recently is due to the fact that I've had quite a few customer orders in recent weeks (yay!) but I have sooooo many ideas that I want to show you all which means that I'll be back very soon, so stay tuned :)

Happy 4th of July if you're celebrating, if you're not.......... Happy FRIDAY!!!

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