The Sweet Petite Kitchen

Aww remember this?! Of course you do, it was blummin' everywhere! I remember this day for another reason to everyone else though!

Being very british we had a little party that day with (guess?!) lots of cakes and fizzy plonk. It would have been rude not too! That's me in the daft hat! The union jack daft hat that is!

 With all the baking for our little wedding party out of the way (no pics because I never thought in a million years I'd start a blog) my husband and I set about "doing up" our kitchen so that my increasing baking supplies could be housed in its own little corner and to stop them taking over the entire room! We stupidly thought we could just pull off the awful pine cladding on the walls, give it a lick of paint, put a new unit in for me and change the bench tops. A weekend job. At the most. Sorted before William & Kate got away on honeymoon!

So we started pulling off the cladding ....


and lo and behold just like everything in our house (a guy called Jack built it you know, and asked his mate Billy the Kid to come and do some DIY!) we began to realise that the cladding was only there to hide a multitiude of sins! There was no plasterboard or plaster behind any of it! So our weekend job became this:


The whole kitchen pretty much had to be pulled out. So we used the oppurtunity (if thats what you can call it) to remodel the entire room.

Our cat Gracie was less than impressed, she took shelter on top of the bookcase in the sitting room which wasn't really ideal...

considering the state of that room too!! (Yes that is a parcel shelf from the car.. don't ask!!!)

But we perservered:

(The obeservant ones amongst you will notice that I had a hair cut in the middle of all this too!)

And we got the majority of it done, except for the plinths and the skirting. So we had a breather. A long one.

Now Kate & William have had their first anniversary and our plinths and skirting is just getting sorted now. We're sooo organised and efficient in our house!! But this is my little corner nearly finished! Yay!

Hopefully I will be having an inspector from the council coming round in the not too distant future too .....scared is not the word! Gulp!

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