Viva Las Vegas!

My Aunty and Uncle are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary on Las Vegas! Totally not jealous (ahem)!

Before they left we had a little get together and Aunty Ally asked me to make some cupcakes. So I made these pretty cupcakes. Red Velvet with a cream cheese icing topped with silver hearts. I can do other flavours honest, Ally just happened to ask for these!

They were very nice and everything but they were far too sensible for my I made these too!

I did make one with the "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign but the topper snapped :( I had put it upright and it must have been top heavy so flopped backwards and broke off. The ace of hearts in the above picture did the same later too!

It was very warm here Friday, unusual for Blighty yes, even in June, so I think that had something to do with it. Either that or I placed the toppers in the icing too early before the party. About 3 hours before. Is this too soon? Is there anything that I could have done to prevent this happening?

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