Hawaii 5-0 Withdrawal

OK. I'll admit it.

I'm ever-so slightly obsessed with the new Hawaii 5-0!

Since it graced our (UK) screens in February 2011 I've been hooked! It's a fast-paced, action-packed mini movie every week, with an absolutely fantastic back drop and an awesome cast! And when I say awesome, I mean they are ALL brilliant, my opinion about this has nothing to do with the fact that the new Steve McGarrett looks like this!!!

(picture from starpulse.com)

Ahem, anyway....what was I saying? ....

....oh yes...needless to say, just like last year, during the summer hiatus withdrawal symptoms have well and truly set in. Naturally, I turn to baking to pass the time....

Here are my latest creations......you see, I'm not missing the show AT ALL!

Ok, so maybe a little.

I made all four main characters with the same gingerbread man cutter. I also made a surfboard (for Kono), a couple of Five-0 badges (for Chin & Danny) and a hand grenade for everyone's favourite Navy Seal but it ended up looking like a turtle so I made a "Book em Danno" speech bubble instead.

Here they all are close up:

McGarrett, with his body armour and thigh holster: If you're you're a fan of the show you'll know why the thigh holster was a must! If not, you're missing out ladies, trust me ;)

Danny, with his tie: In the show Danny (Danno) is always getting stick for wearing a tie in Hawaii

Chin Ho: in the legendary Hawaiian shirt. I used SugarBelle's fantastic tutorial to do this, find it here

Kono: In her bikini about to catch a wave!! However, Grace Park who plays Kono is much skinnier than her cookie counterpart here

There's still a couple of months until its back on air, so I think I will give these another go soon, along with some more characters and maybe some generic hawaiian themed ones. I wanna try making a hula girl!! So watch this space.

When I do them again, I'll make sure Chin is wearing pants though......oops!

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