So much to do.....

Hello there!

Apologies, I haven't updated this blog for a while now, so much has been happening I just haven't got round to it! And for me, who pretty much goes to work, comes home cleans, bakes, watches TV and sleeps that is saying something!

Well, I've been in Italy for my friends wedding,  I was a bridesmaid too! Even though I underestimated the heat and developed vertigo while out there, me and my hubby had an amazing time. We went to Florence:

then the wedding at Lake Garda (we scrub up well don't we?!):

and then Venice (yes I did have other clothes with me. Honest):

it was a cram-packed week but it was amazing!

But the vertgio kind of knocked me for six. If you've never had it before its awful. Every so often the floor would move beneath me, and without any alcohol either!! I also found it hard to concentrate too :( but its finally subsided, so I'm putting it down to a combination of stress, heat and exhaustion and hoping it won't be back!

So with all that out of the way I can finally push ahead and get the business up and running officially. First things first, I've finally published my facebook page! You can find it here! Its looking pretty bare at the minute, I promise to post some more pics soon!

Well that's one down, many to go! I've also booked my food hygiene course at Newcastle Council for next month and ordered some business cards from Vistaprint! Absolute bargain, 250 cards for £3.87, I only paid for postage!

Next on my long list (I love making lists by the way!) is....oooh, not sure which one to pick!

I think it should really be the registration forms for the council as that has to be in 28 days before I intend to start, but I want to get the food hygiene certificate first and fill in my Food Standard Agency's "Safer Food Better Business" pack (which I think is an entire post in itself!). Its bascially how I prove I'm following the regs regarding food safety.


So much to do! I'm setting a goal of October to be up and running as I can join the sugarcraft guild for half price as you can buy a 6 month membership (I'm a cheapskate I know!). This will allow me to get public liability insurance cheap too. Hey, every penny counts right? Plus I have sooooo many Halloween cupcake/biscuit designs in my head it would be a shame not to use them!

Ok, best get back to my list folks!

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