Carnage.....part 2

I said to the husband a couple of weeks ago:

 "when the food inspector comes out to have a look at the kitchen its a shame that the sitting room is looking such a mess, do you think we could maybe give the walls a lick of paint beforehand?"

He replied with "Yeah I suppose so".

So I took a week off work (my day job) to paint the sitting room..... and in typical 'Young' fashion it escalated beyond just paint to completely sorting the ceiling, painting the hallway and  new carpets fitted throughout! As I type, I'm sitting in the kitchen, with a stressed out cat and all my living room furniture in here as the carpets are being fitted!
Although it will look lovely when it's done, I'm so blummin' sick of DIY, after the kitchen, I thought I was done! After my food hygiene course and insurance was sorted I thought I'd be ready to go in a matter a weeks but its not going to be the case! So my Halloween ideas will have to wait until next year (although I can still treat the family right?) and I'm going to turn my attention to the most fabulous time of the year, CHRISTMAS!!!!!

I swear I'm like a total kid at Christmas, I love the build up the most, all the goodies in the shops, the Cocoa-Cola Santa Ad on TV, the tree and decorations have to go up on the FIRST weekend in December (much to my husbands dismay!) and of course the baking!!! Heaven!! So I will strive to get up and running by then

I will keep you posted (promise!) on my progress

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