I'm still plugging away!

Hello there!

Its a been a while hasn't it? Again! Apologies, I should really post more often.

Well, going off my list in a previous post I'm definitely making progress!

First and foremost I completed my food hygiene course!

I did it at Newcastle City Council over two afternoons. A lovely lady called Anne was the tutor and although, she informed me, it wasn't necessary for me to actually do a foood hygiene course for low risk foods like cakes if I wanted to do a market stall at some point in the future (oooh now I think of it I could be tempted!) or progress to selling cream cakes I would need the certificate. The course was 6 hours long, with the short exam at the end for £48, which I didn't think was too bad. There was obviously a lot of talk about the temperatures of meat etc but I still picked up a load of useful information and if you're thinking of starting up, I would recommend it. If only for the help with the 'Safer Food Better Buisness' pack which every food business (regardless of size and risk) has to have filled in.

What else have I marked off my list? Oooh yes I've joined the British Sugarcraft Guild and I'm insured! I joined at the start of the month, as from October you can obtain a half yearly membership for £11.50 and once you're a member you can buy insurance (you can put membership and insurance in the same transaction) which starts at £16. You need to send a form back to sign for your insurance (that reminds me I haven't done it!) and then you're done. And hopefully I'll never have to do anything with it (fingers, toes, legs, arms, eyes and everything else crossed!)

That's about it for now, next I'm going to get my tax return-y things sorted (keep reading I'm getting help with this stuff >>>I'm sure returny thing is a real phrase used by the HMRC!) I have a lovely sister in law who is going to sort me out with the forms to fill in and an Uncle who used to be a tax inspector - dreaded job, I know, but he's lovely! He's going talk me through what to do......I hope he's a patient man, I don't have a clue!

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