Happy St. David's Day!

Hello! Just a quick post to say Happy St. David's Day!

These daffodil biscuits were made using this fab tutorial from Georganne from LilaLoa. I had big plans for this Welsh post but it didn't quite work out! First of all, has anyone ever made a leek biscuit? No? Yeah me neither, I just didn't know where to start!! Next were my Welsh flags. And when I say flags, what I meant was the green and white stripes with a big red squiggle on top that was meant to be a dragon! (There are no photos, its just too embarrassing!!) Never mind, on the upside, they might have looked horrendous, but they tasted nice!

And it's also nearly the weekend! Have a good one peeps!


Stopping by to say hi and to thank you for linking up at the Aloha Friday Blog Hop.
Have a lovely weekend!
With Smiles,
Angie at http://snackcupsandsmiles.blogspot.com/


Hi Angie

thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great weekend too :)


so cute. I don't even want to eat it ! :) Happy St. David's Day.

Warm wishes,


Aloha, Shel! Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog!
These treats look amazing! My baking skills are troubling... I have a lot to learn from you! Haha!! Newest follower :-)
Have a great day!


Hi thanks so much for stopping by and for following!

looking fowarding to trading skills with you then, I could do with all the make up skills I can get ;)

enjoy the rest of your weekend



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