Scary Movie Masks! (Tutorial)

Hello there, I thought I'd take you all to the movies for Halloween!
Saw, Scream, Silence of the Lambs and Friday the 13th are screening!!! Firstly, can I just say that I don't really watch full-on slasher gory horror, I'm just too much of a wimp! I slept with the light on for a week after I watched the Exorcist. And when I say 'watched' I mean, I was in the room when it was on. Behind a cushion. With my fingers in my ears. Scarred for life! No, I'm definitely more of a psychological thriller kind of a girl, Silence of the Lambs being my all time favourite, so here it is first on the menu (no cannibal pun intended!)

To make the shape I used a heart and a egg cutter like this:

and just 'smushed' the nose part so it wasn't too pointy before baking.

To decorate I scraped a little black icing over where the mouth would go, and piped some brown to make the bump for his nose and let these both dry. Once dry I flooded it, covering the entire nose part (round the top too). For this you need a thicker icing than flood icing. To make the holes I thought I'd try the coconut crater technique from Georganne at Lilaloa using a thinner icing (you can see the spots in the third picture). I'm not sure I did it right so after about an hour I helped them long with a scribe tool. Patience is a virtue you know, but I'm just that not virtuous ;)
I'm really pleased with his little nose! (It shows up better on the top photo) I've always just piped details on after flooding, never before. I didn't think it would work, and to be honest, I think I could have gone for a bigger bump, but now I know I can do it, the possibilities are endless! Well, probably not endless but you know what I mean!

For the scream mask, I used the egg cutter again and just gave it a bit of a stretch downwards. I scraped some black icing all over the biscuit. When this was dry I piped where the eyes, mouth and nose were to be and flooded the biscuit. In hindsight, I would have just scraped where the black was to show through because some of black bled into the white! Oops! When the white was dry I added some details to the eyes and a black hood.

For Jason's hockey mask, I mixed elements of the Hannibal and scream mask by adding some black for the eyes and a bump for the nose. Once the white flood had dried I used Lizy B's antiquing cookies technique to make the mask look dirty, the bleeding from the black underneath actually helped here! Totally skillful on my part, honestly!! Once dry, I added some straps with brown icing and the holes with a food marker.

Last but not least is the Saw mask. I wasn't really a fan of this film but I love the cookies, they turned out really creepy!! I used the kopykake for the shape, after the black for the eyes had dried. Then I added the details: red eyes and mouth, cheeks with a red swirl while still wet (wish I'd tried my 'bump' technique here but never mind!), nose, eyebrows and hair and you have one freaky looking clown-dude, puppet, er, thing!
What do you think of the bumpy icing technique? I will definitely be trying this again. Although, I chickened out of the Michael Myers and leather-face masks! They were ever-so slightly waaaay beyond me...maybe next year!!

So which other scary movies are you rolling out to watch this month? Silence of the Lambs will definitely be on my playlist, you can keep the rest, I need my sleep! Oh, and trust me these Hannibal biscuits go great with some fava beans and Chianti.....OK, OK, they go better with milk but I just couldn't resist!!



Wow, these cookies look just amazing! You are really talented!


Thank you so much Rebecca :)


these are freaking awesome!!!!! and thanks for the tutorials..luv it..


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