Inspired: Shabby Chic Union Jack Biscuits

Well it's over six months since we all made New Year's resolutions. How are you getting on with yours? Yeah same as me! My Danish hasn't really improved, although I have now watched every episode of Borgen which has to count, right? As for the knitting, hasn't really made it out of the bag since January but I have been reading a lot of crafting blogs and thinking about starting to  knit, which has to count, right?! Well they both count in my eyes! Especially when these crafting blogs give you loads of inspiration for biscuits! Result!

I normally get my inspiration from TV (you may have noticed!) and from all the a-mazing cookie and cake blogs I follow, not to mention the odd greetings cards and gift bag. However, since my knitting-block kicked in and the hours spent reading Very Berry Handmade, Knit Me A Cake and Bugs & Fishes among many others I have a million and one ideas in my head!!

And the first is shabby chic! I've always been a fan of this look, and it's just everywhere in the UK in the summer!

So this is my version:

The beauty of this is you can use any colours you like! And here's how I did it:

1. Mark the sections with a food safe pen (if your green runs out half way through, use a red one!) It doesn't have to be perfect:

 2. Fill in section by section, the first one I did was the blue with wet-on-wet white dots:

3. Pink cross:

4. While still wet (be quick!) using Sugarbelle's technique, add some flowers in a slightly darker shade and add the pink lines in between the blue sections:

5. WAIT! I cannot stress this enough! Wait for the above to dry completely (12 hours +) and then add the white. Otherwise you could end up with bleeding colours into the white. It's not exactly smooth and my white icing could've been a little thinner but its the 'quilty' fabric look I was going for here...honest! ;)

So where do you get your crafty inspiration from? Not just sweet treats, do you make cards, draw, knit? Let me know below, especially if you knit! I need help!!!!

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 Check out my new pinterest board for even more inspiring fabric.
It's a group board so drop me a line if you'd like to be added!


Wow Shel, these are amazing. Soooo pretty. I love that you've used pink instead of red, gives them that shabby chic touch without actually being shabby - far from it!

I have problems with bleed when I do detailed cookies. Especially when I'm trying to do the wet on wet. For example, the blue parts with the white dots; they're supposed to be wet on wet, but the colours bleed when I try, for some reason. I thought it might've been our humid air over here, but you don't seem to be having that problem. That's going to bug me know!

Pinning these! Gorgeous.

Lisa // Sweet 2 Eat Baking


Thanks Lisa :) Happy with how they turned out!

I struggle with bleeding too sometimes, and the weather definitely plays a part! My secret weapon is my dehydrator!! It really does help!! Obviously if you don't want to shell out for one, a lot of people reckon placing a fan in front of them while they're drying works just as well :) and with both you get less bleeding and you get a shiny icing instead a matt finish!

Not sure if you follow Lisa the Bearfoot Baker at all but she wrote a post about it a while back, which might help you :D

Thanks for pinning too!


Oh wow, these are amazing. I love all the detail work, these would be perfect for a party and you make it look so easy. I don't knit...I wish I did! Thanks for linking up to the Creative Collection Link Party, we hope to see you again this friday!


Thank so much Marie :D


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