Easter Biscuits and my first YouTube tutorial!

I think spring has finally sprung here and about time too! I'm ready for some sunshine and Easter eggs!!!

So looking for Easter inspiration I was scrolling around Pinterest, as you do, well I do, I'm a little bit obsessed, and I spotted this crafty photo:

and I instantly thought this needed to be a biscuit! When I clicked through I found an amazing website called Crafty Morning, it's full of kids crafts, recipes and DIY tutorials and it's one of my new faves (and I don't even have kids!), go check it out if you haven't already!

So with permission from the lovely Michelle at Crafty morning I bring you my very first YouTube tutorial!

My god I was soooo nervous making this! I know that sounds crazy, piping biscuits. In my own kitchen. On my own. But I was terrified!! And I still haven't quite figured which angle is best to work at, and this one was piped sideways so it's not as perfect as I'd hoped for (ahem bunny ears!) but I'm still chuffed with it! Hopefully it's the first of many :)

And here's some I made earlier! How Blue Peter is all this?!!

So, what do you think? Let me know and if you have any YouTube tips I'd love to hear them too :D

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These are adorable! The video was very helpful. Thank you!


Thanks so much Michele! :D


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