Inspired: Great British Bake Off Biscuits

Well Hello There!

It's been far too long hasn't it? I decided to take a break from all things sugar for a while, but I'm back
and raring to go!

So what's got my butt back in the kitchen then? Well, The Great British Bake Off of course!! Yep, it's back this week for the 6th series and I can't wait for the technical challenges of things I've never heard of let alone attempted, the show stoppers, star baker of the week, soggy bottoms (#bakeoffinnuendo!) and that lovely bake off tent! Cue oven with a proving drawer and Smeg fridge envy! ;)

The first episode of this series is all about cake which is the second best week after biscuit week for me!! Although it's such as shame you never see an iced biscuit on the programme as they take waaaay to long to dry :( Sigh! Never mind, there's plenty here! Cake biscuits! Yay!

And to be fair we can't have cake without baking tools can we?!!

And here they are altogether :)

So are you looking forward to the show? Will it inspire you? What's your favourite week? Are you more of a patisserie or a bread fan? Or are you just hoping for more baked-alaska-in-the-bin dramas?!

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